Part-time jobs in Groningen : What you need to know

August 6, 2020 / Comments (0)

Life in Groningen

Part-time jobs are a myth for most international students in Groningen but sometimes it is inevitable that you might need to make extra money alongside your studies. Here are some things you need to keep in mind and also avenues through which you can make an extra buck.

What you need to know before starting your search

  • Dutch Basic Insurance – You will need to take out Dutch Basic Health insurance as it is a requirement for any working person. This is different from student insurance.
  • Work permits – Only the employer can apply for a work permit on your behalf. The challenge is to find one that is willing to.
  • Work hours – Non-EU students can only work a maximum of 16 hours a week. This means the both the job has to be willing to accommodate this and also your school schedule has to permit this time. 

What part-time jobs are there?

Student Assistant jobs at the University

This involves working as a teaching assistant, student mentor, paid council/assessor or even assistants to professors or researchers. These roles are usually posted on Nestor on the career tab. Check momentarily especially 1/2months before the beginning of a new block as positions for the upcoming block are posted then. 
In my opinion, this is the best student job you can have. The ISD (Immigration Service Desk) will arrange all the legalities you need to work, there will be appropriate compensation in line with the universal wage system and the job is right in the university so it easily fits in the class schedule. Additionally, this experience is very valuable for your resume/CV.


Offering to tutor fellow students for a fee can be a great way to earn extra money considering you are most likely covering topics in a course you previously took. If you’re good at a course and want to share the knowledge, study associations usually have openings for tutors. Tutoring is quite common with the business and psychology faculties. For example, for computer science at the faculty of science and engineering, you could join COVER and get connected with students interested in tutoring services. 

Paid internship

Depending on your programme, you could take a paid internship during the summer or sometimes in a specific internship allocated slot unique to your programme. Although there is a legal limit as to how much you can earn as an intern or werkstudent in the Netherlands, it is a good opportunity to take on. Making extra money and also gaining experience for your future career. LinkedIn is the best place to find these or even identifying companies you’re interested in and reaching out to the campus recruiter to find out when similar opportunities usually are announced. Professors also usually have connections to such opportunities, so network strategically. 

Startup/Tech companies/ Recruiting companies

There are several startups and tech companies in Groningen such as Belsimpel, Dataprovider, TNO and many more that are looking for young and ambitious people to join their teams on a part-time basis. Attending networking events and meetups could get you closer to these innovators and potentially a job. Join and find your professional area, they probably have a meetup open to attend. 

Delivery jobs

These are quite popular among students with companies like Thuisbezorgd and Uber eats. This part-time job can be convenient as you can pick your own hours depending on your availability and also is a chance to get to know the city even more while working and delivering food to new neighborhoods.


These are also quite popular amongst international students. Sometimes, they require some Dutch depending on the establishment. You could be a waiter, dishwasher, cleaner at these places. There is no straight forward way of finding these jobs as it is mostly through word of mouth or sometimes they put up a sign at their entrance. So always read the posters or signs at restaurants especially those that are student/international oriented. Facebook groups also have openings posted.

Freelance work online

You can also be self-employed for an unlimited number of hours if you work for several employers. This requires registration at the chamber of commerce – and also filling of Tax at the end of the year. This arrangement is great for people like artists, photographer or even other services where you are certain of getting clients in the Netherlands legitimately. 

Important to Note!

Despite these opportunities, the main objective or vision has to be maintained i.e to obtain your education in a timely manner. Doubling into part-time jobs can be destructing and also add additional stress on top of the already hectic school schedule. Be strategic about your decisions and keep the end goal in mind. 


  • MSc Computing Science 2020 graduate. General Secretary ASC 2019/2020. Find me cycling around exploring what Groningen has to offer.