Restaurants / Hangout spots to visit in Groningen

As you may have noticed till now, Groningen is a student city with many restaurants and pubs that you can go for a quick snack and drink or just end up spending the whole night there. One important thing to keep in mind is your budget and how much each restaurant can be so you don’t find yourself in any awkward situation.

Here, I will share with you my ultimate favorite restaurants so far.

1. Mr. Mofongo’s

This is number one in the list because the ambiance and the staff is amazing. The vibe inside is fully rustic African which I guess is why I spend so much of my time there. The paintings are based on Africa and the tables have different currencies inside which is a really nice touch.
It has 3 floors, the bottom floor is perfect for a dinner date and a more formal ambience. The first floor is more like a bar and cocktail area, perfect for pre-drinks or just the end of a day,  they have a robot that makes the different Gin&Tonics and it is actually one of the best bars in the Netherlands, here you can also have some snacks while you have a drink. Finally, the third floor is a wine bar, they have different types of wines and many of them are from South Africa.

The average price you will spend, depending on what you are drinking or eating will be from 15-35 euros.
Visit their website –

2. Mr. Smith’s Loft

It is a Vibrant place, very nice for pre-drinks or a place to cool off. Also ideal for a dinner date. It has amazing cocktails, a bit costly but definitely worth your money. They have loft music for you to settle in.

Their menu regarding food varies but nothing like a big meal, just street food and small courses. On average, I would say you would spend around 15-30 euros.

Visit their website –

3. De Pastafabriek

Perfect place to go when you want to have a break from the UB as it is just around the corner. It has really good italian food and is quite affordable.  Plus, you can just sit there with friends or colleagues chatting or continue your work in a different environment.

As mentioned, it is affordable so you would spend around 7 euros (without drinks) and 15 euros(with drinks).

Visit their website –

4. Happy Italy

Perfect for a dinner date with a student budget. The food and drinks are quite cheap, however, the food can be a hit or miss depending on your luck.

You would spend around 10-20 euros.

Visit their website –

5. Pronk

They have an amazing terrance, I do not advise to be here in the cold days because even though they have heaters it is an open place. During the summer it is the absolute best with a cold beer or any other drink with amazing food.

The average would be : 15-30 euros.

Visit their website –

Night spots

Depending on the type of music  you like and what type of ambiance you are looking forward to, the night clubs can vary drastically. The night clubs I suggest below are all on the same street and quite famous among students as they can be affordable. They usually open at 9 pm and close around 4/5 am.

1. Copas

If you like latino music and really enjoy dancing, this is the place for you. Copas is a fusion of all the latino countries in one. The staff is super friendly and if you want to practice your spanish, this is the place.

The best time to go is after 1 am, once a month they have a salsa night and a hip-hop jamz, so keep an eye for those days.
The drinks are affordable and tasty, you can spend around 15-20 euros on a night out. If you go there before 1 am they usually have beer and shots for 1 euro. Visit their website –

2. Donovan’s

I would say it is one of the most expensive clubs on the street but the drinks and ambiance are definitely worth it. As an African this is the place I enjoy most in terms of music because it is a fusion of african music (mostly west african) and music from the carribean.

It has two bars, one on the bottom floor which is busiest and the one upstairs which is more calm, has more space to seat.
It also has a VIP section if you would like to have a private party but this again won’t come so cheap. Visit their website –

3. Sunny Beach

This is the most common bar with the first year students or when you are getting introduced to the night life. The drinks are absolutely cheap and affordable. However, the music is not that great and can be repetitive plus it is known for having a very sticky floor.

If you wish to just get inebriated to survive the night, this is the place. Visit their website –